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About Us

A Wedding Destination for all your needs.

"Matches are made in heaven" and 'Weddesa' help those matches to make their wedding day like a heaven. From venue to adieu ceremony, we make every single moment a memorable one for our lovely couples. We are majorly into providing all kinds of wedding services taking from wedding invitations, makeup artists, wedding photographers, caterers etc on single platform assist you in plan your wedding in the most organized manner. Apart from this, we provide the best and trending wedding ideas that enhance the grace of your D-day.

In short, we help you out finding the best wedding vendors available near you for hassle-free planning and execution.

about us

Why Weddesa?

Presently, we are covering 24+ categories ranging from digital invitations, vintage cars, and waterways to customized wedding websites. We enable couples to fulfill their dream wedding in almost every big fat style. We are also indulged in providing valuable tips and ideas for making your wedding more entertaining. Weddesa also enables foreign couples to plan their wedding in India with authentic traditions and styles.

Our Vendor's

We are backed by hundreds of reliable and verified vendors for all your wedding needs that will make things much simpler and easier to manage. You will be able to explore among all the leading vendors in their particular fields. Moreover, they work in close coordination with wedding couples so as to meet their customized requirements in the most appropriate manner.

Track Vendor's Progress

After selection of vendors, you can easily track the progress of the activities of vendors. From vendor's point, they will be able to see active profiles.